Dynamic Pricing

LabelNest price automation system simplifies store operations and omnichannel retailing with enterprise grade electronic shelf labels. LabelNest price automation solution is central to all retail stores automation and enables price flexibility and hamornises e-commerce and retail prices.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Dynamic Pricing

How Does Dynamic Pricing Automation Work?

LabelNest solution offers retailers with complete control of their pricing and eliminates discrepancies between what is in the point of sale database and what is shown to consumers in the store. Every pricing automation system from LabelNest includes the label, the label management software and the communication station.

Reliable Hardware and Fast Software

LabelNest uses high speed communication station transreceivers to send and receive information for bi-drectional transference of your updates. Every update and adjustments made to the label management software will be reflected to all the electronic labels on the market instantaneously so you can make updates in real time without any unnecessary delays.

Centralised Label Management Software

All different forms of digital labels and display works on the same label management platform. Retailers can choose the best size and display type most suitable for each area of their store. All pricing updates are communicated to the same centralised label management software so retailers can manage all e-labels for all different stores under one platform.

How Does Dynamic Pricing Helps Your Company?

Due to the increasing competition and pressure on physical retail from e-commerce, the need to harmonise e-commerce and physical retail prices are greater. The advantages of dynamic and comprehensive price management while being able to reduce the workload in doing so are why retailers are moving from traditional physical price labels to digital labels.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Price Synchronisation

Price Synchronisation

Consumers generally get various prices on identical items through different channels. This calls for a tool to control and streamline the multiple prices across those channels. Manual price adjustment are time consuming whether it is a large enterprise or a small business. LabelNest software integrates with FootfallCam Analytic Manager to offer time saving and resource optimisation functionality. With our label management software, you can easily adjust prices in accordance to your competitors and see the updates reflect in store within minutes.

Omnichannel Retail Experience

E-commerce has led to a constant development of the common working methods in our digital age and this applies to retailers and industrial applications alike. The implementation of digital technology such as electronic shelf labels provide valuable information to the customer and offer retailers an interactive platform to tailor offers and promotions to the customer’s individual preference. By integrating electronic labels with QR codes, consumers will be able to scan the code for more product information such as contents, origin, and processing.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Omnichannel Retail Experience