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LabelNest is started by a team of experience engineers with the vision of interconnecting the functionalities of multiple solutions into one centralised system. Combining over 100 years of experience in hardware design, user experience and programming, we have developed into a technologically sophisticated system with many world-first innovations.

To date, we have a team of over 50 engineers dedicated to the research and development of both hardware and software of LabelNest. It has established itself as the global leader in the electronic shelf label industry and it is our commitment to continuously invest and maintain our position in the industry.

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Global Reach since 2007

We have worked with many companies in different industries across the world, from independent stores to large hypermarkets. In order to translate technological excellence into real business value, we have worked closely with our customers and we will continue to do so.

Every customer is different and has different strategic goals. We assign dedicated engineers to work closely with each customer to understand the functions and metrics of our business reports, to interpret and translate them into actionable insights. With integration with people counters, it enables us to customise our report to offer more in depth business value, turning it into a simple business intelligence tool for everyone from C-level executives to assistants at the store level.


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Our Vision

Our core values are our dedication to engineering excellence and in delivering business value proposition to our customers. By creating an affordable high end hardware and software platform, we aim to further enhance and streamline the pricing automation system with a powerful yet easy to manage software. We constantly survey the market, introduce new technologies, and enhance functionalities to help our customers get further business insights and benefits out of the system. Continuous development of the product enables LabelNest to stay at the forefront of the electronic shelf label industry.

We aim to achieve our vision of centralising all solutions for retailers through our cloud management system, from integration with ESL to people counter to digital signage within the stores. To this end, we are constantly working on new product development and putting in research hours to determine market demands and market feedback for across all of our products.