Product Geolocation

LabelNest product geolocation system connects your customers and store associates to quickly locate any product in the store on a map. True dynamic product positioning in the store automates the entire function without the need of manual configurations.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Product Geolocation

How Does Product Geolocation Work?

Traditional manually positioned geolocation solutions require a lot of store associate hours to maintain, and they tend to fail in practice as product changes locations often without getting assigned a new manual position. With LabelNest dynamic product positioning, retailers will be able to geolocate any individual product automatically. If the product and the ESL is moved to another aisle, the system will automatically recognises it and recalculate its new position.

Centralised Communication Station

By using FootfallCam people counter as the communication station between the label management software and the electronic shelf label display, the FootfallCam can calculate at any given moment the location of all the shelf label displays and its position within the store. Retailers are able to further integrate the product geolocation application with their loyalty application or store associate application.

Sync with in-store map

To update the map with the list of items and their respective ESL tags, retail associates will only need to scan for all placed ESL and the location. The changes to the location of the shelf edge tag and the items will be automatically updated in the label management software. With API support for the integration of in-store map and product positioning built into the label management software, the process and integration of a new technology into the retail store environment is autotomise as much as possible.

How Does Product Geolocation Helps Your Company?

LabelNest provides a robust and scalable technology that is meant to last with a mean time to failure of 25 years. Deployed in some of the largest hypermarkets around the world, LabelNest can cater to your store whether it stocks 500 items or 500,000 items. LabelNest developed a complete system solution to support effective promotion encompassing geolocation and geofencing capabilities to support store tasks, such as placing and removing tags to guide and support staff on operational tasks.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Automatic In-Store Geolocation

Automatic In-Store Geolocation

Automatic in store geolocation of LabelNest shelf edge labels will enable retail associates and customers to locate any product on a map quickly to provide real time guidance for the optimal route. The cloud label software and integrated with FootfallCam people counter will be used to generate the map, which will be displayed on the consumer’s smartphone; which showcase their current position.

Geofencing Capability

With geofencing, a retailer will be able to divide a store into virtual areas to create events when consumers move from one area to another. When consumers enter the targeted area, retailers can push a promotion or welcome message to the shoppers via the ESL according to the area they are in through the label management software.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Geofencing Capability