SKU Sales Conversion

With the inclusion of geolocation of all tags and integration by using FootfallCam people counters as a communication station, a path map of the entire store may be formed to track the number of engaged consumers at each specific product level.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - SKU Sales Conversion

How Does SKU Sales Conversion Helps Your Company?

By integrating the people counting function, retailers will be able to identify on a product level the sales conversion of each different product. Retailers will be able to understand the number of engagement each product have by actively tracking the number of passers-by and consumers that interacted with the product for an extended period of time.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Product Market Response

Product Market Response

Identify the market response in each product level by measuring the number of people engaged with the item, and the sales generated on each item level. By making comparison for different products within the same product line, and across different store branches and region, retailers will be able to measure the market fit for each specific product and whether localisation on a product level will need to be conducted for each region.

Product Location Effectiveness

With knowledge into the average number of passers-by each product gets, retailers will be able to understand the effect of product positioning on sales. Product positioning is an important element of the marketing plan and ensures that the marketing message resonates with target consumers and compel them to take action. By integrating people counter and ESL to display on the label management software, retailers will be able to evaluate their product positioning strategies and make comparisons for each product level for a before and after repositioning.

Labelnest Electronic Shelf Label - Product Location Effectiveness