LabelNest Electronic Shelf Label™

Electronic display device that can be placed on the shelf and replaced the traditional paper price label.

  • High speed RF transmission
  • Integrated label management software
  • Real time synchronisation of price and content management
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Available in 3 sizes -2.1”, 2.9”, 4.2”

About this item

The E-paper display technology boasts a high contrast ratio, makes superior viewing angle at nearly 180°. Each device is connected to the FootfallCam 3D Max™ base station through wireless network. The changes or configuration of the price on the product can be adjusted via LabelNest Analytic Manager software and transmitted to the base station and to the label. The latest content can then be updated on the screen in real time basis with a more efficient way.


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Electronic Shelf Label for Businesses

  • Accurate Pricing - Maintain price integrity to optimise sales and margins
  • Save Costs - Automated updates leads to lesser staffs needed
  • Stock Picking - Flashing LED Light indicator to easily spot the product to pick
  • Product Finder - Display the most efficient route to customer’s desired product
  • In-store Heat Map - Identifying the hotspots and gaining insight on product-level conversion rate
  • Monitor Stock Levels - Enable quick replenishment of stocks through empty shelf detection

Key Features

Low Power Consumption

Ultra low power consumption that enables a lifespan of 5 years without any battery change.


Communicate to consumers in any languages available all customised through the label management software.

Plug and Play

Easy to install, integrate, and maintain from one centralised location through the label management software.

LabelNest Electronic Shelf Label Key Features

Product Specification

LabelNest LN21 Specification

Technical Details


67.5mm(L) x 34mm(H) x 14.2mm(W)

Display Mode

Mode B



Display Format

110V – 240V, 50/60Hz


Multi-languages available




8 years battery life

Operating Conditions

Temperature range: 0-50°C

Reflect Contrast


Whiteness Reflect


Visual Angle



ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)